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Warhammer 40k Game Days & Tourneys at COMIC QUEST


Saturday, Dec 2


Entry Fee: $10 buy-in or $25 in-store purchase day of the event

2,000 points / Battleforged with ITC Missions
In an effort to combat spam, Forgeworld, and some of the other funky things in the game right now and to promote the overall hobby of painting, sportsmanship and building thematic armies we will be using the following scoring system for this event:
*Each game is worth up to 19 battle points. (Total possible Battle Points = 57).
*At the end of the tournament you will be asked to rank the opponents you faced in the categories of Painting, Sportsmanship and Army Theme. Each first place vote is worth 6 points, each second place vote is worth 4 points, and each third place vote is worth 2 points. (Total possible points for Soft Scores = 54)
You can also earn up to 6 bonus points for the following:
*Signing up early on Best Coast Pairings (this helps speed things up on the day of the event) = 3 bonus points
*Submit your army list early on the BCP App = 2 bonus points
*Bringing a TYPED copy of your army list = 1 bonus point
Prizes will be given as follows: 
“Hobby Hero” - highest combination of player ranking scores and mission battle points
“Best Painted” - highest combination of painting scores
“Favorite Opponent” - highest combination of sportsmanship scores
“Best General” - most ITC points


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For more information check out the Comic Quest website Event Calendar. Click on Events, click 40k logo-will take you to a detail page. AND/OR check out our Facebook page. and








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